Innovative features, seamless experience

music advantage

High-Quality music types available on Moodstream

Dive into Moodstream's pristine music library, featuring a diverse range of high-quality, curated genres including jazz, classical, lounge, meditational, and ambient music. Our library is constantly updated to ensure your guests enjoy a memorable and resonant musical experience.

What sets Moodstream apart from other music platforms?

The Moodstream dashboard is your control center for what's playing where. Easily view a list of all rooms and zones, and see at a glance what music is setting the mood in each space. This feature is designed for simplicity and ease of use, allowing you to manage the musical atmosphere of your entire establishment effortlessly.

Royalty-Free Advantage

Enjoy the benefits of a 100% royalty-free music library. With Moodstream, you avoid the complexities and costs associated with music licensing, ensuring a hassle-free experience and significant cost savings for your business.

other features

Simultaneous Playing

Moodstream's Simultaneous Playing feature allows you to stream different moods in an unlimited number of rooms or zones, all at the same time. Perfect for establishments with diverse spaces, this feature ensures that each area has its unique ambiance, tailored to its specific purpose and audience.

Customizable Moods

Choose from distinct moods to perfectly match the atmosphere of your venue. Whether you're looking to energize, relax, or create a specific vibe, Moodstream's customizable moods offer the flexibility to adapt the ambiance to any occasion or time of day.


Plan your musical ambiance in advance with Moodstream's scheduling feature. Schedule music by hour and day, as far in advance as you need. This feature allows you to set both the mood and intensity, ensuring your establishment always has the right atmosphere at the right time.

Employee Flexibility & Role Management

Empower your staff with the flexibility to fine-tune the music within set parameters. Moodstream's role management system includes supervisor roles for creating employee accounts, and employee roles for managing specific areas. This ensures a consistent yet adaptable musical experience that aligns with your brand's identity.

Seamless Integration

Moodstream seamlessly integrates across multiple platforms and devices, ensuring a consistent and intuitive experience whether you're using a mobile, web, or tablet interface. This multiplatform compatibility makes it easy to manage your establishment's musical ambiance from anywhere.